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How to Break Through Your Limitations to Improve Performance  

Growth minded people are constantly dealing with plateaus. This is when we notice that our personal and or professional growth has become stagnant. This is a very common experience in business. How we approach each plateau will determine if we are to overcome and press forward or if seemingly life comes to a grinding halt. 
Jay LaGuardia host of the Triple Life Podcast and I discuss how to break through the plateau’s.

The Business of You

James believes that the relationship we have with ourselves is the foundational key to our own personal growth and the quality of the relationships we hold dear in our life. James works with his clients through systematic processes to learn how to master what he calls the ‘Business of You’. This idea is to support his clients in recognizing that their level of performance from within will impact everything and everyone in their lives. We dig deep into the idea of the Business of You, self-awareness, accomplishment, daily routines, and health and wellbeing. 


The Physiology of Growth with James Williams

You are the key to your own growth. How does that statement make you feel? What thoughts come up? Your immediate thoughts and feelings surrounding this statement do not have to be your reality. James Williams is a High Performance Coach and is dedicated to the study of growth mindset. 

The i heart my life show



This community is designed to offer a safe place to find some comfort in the uncomfortable in order to grow and thrive together.
I will be sharing up to date insights and game changing concepts to support all the members to thrive and take up camp at their growth edge.

The results you experience in your life, from your relationships to your career goals, are a reflection of your average performance. 

Years of research in the field of High Performance and human longevity has proven that we must master our own internal physiological, psychological and emotional systems in order to truly give our best and maintain momentum. 

Plus, the joys and fruits of life come easier to those in momentum. That's what The Growth Edge is all about. 

Your Growth Edge is the place where struggle meets opportunity.

master your busy mind
audio and guide

reduce the stress and anxiety and get more done

Do you want to know a simple strategy for increasing your mental and physical bandwidth? Do you want to know how the worlds most successful people have such productive and effective days? My clients have found this strategy to be a game changer! 

5 steps to High Performance Travel Guide

A Guide to Feeling AMPED (Instead of Drained) When You Step Off the Plane

Learn what happens to your mind and body when you travel - and how to avoid the most common travel symptoms.

Get my step by step plan for what to do before, during and after your flight (don't worry - it's simple stuff!).

Discover my top High Performance Hack tip for avoiding jet-lag - this is a tool that millonaires and billionaires use to perform at top levels even when flying across timezones.
Unlock my High Performance Travel Checklist to make it easy for you to stay on track when you travel.



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