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If you want your business or career to be more fluid, effective and successful, then you need to be the results you want to achieve!

This starts by clearing out what holds you back, evolving and developing the innate strengths that will heighten your level of performance in all these areas of your life. such as energy, courage and influence, as well as your ability to be efficient, effective and productive in pursuit of excellence. 

I have found that developing momentum in these areas will equip you with the necessary tools to maintain and sustain your performance over the long term. 

as a certified high performance coach the skill set I am trained in is backed by research, proven by results.



Quality results come from Intensional Quality Output


Who is this for?

Those that feel as if they are working as hard as they can, but have seen a drop in progress in some or multiple areas of their life and/or career. 

What are the results?

> Increased mental and emotional bandwidth and stamina. 
> Increased time efficiency and productivity.
> Increased relationships skills both personal and professional.
> Increased influence with team & coworkers 
> Increased confidence and courage.
> Increased health and energy.

How do the results happen? 

> Developing more self awareness of competencies and incompetencies. 
> Getting clear on personal and professional values.
> Measuring, understanding and leveraging personal metrics for development.
> Clearing out all non essential commitments.
> Creating boundaries..

"When you are ready to up your game, James Williams is the first person to call."

Tricia Brouk 
Award winning director, speaker, author.

"James helped me create more focus, purpose, efficiency, and intention to what I am doing while increasing my self-awareness. In doing so, my results have been 10X with significantly less mental effort and energy expended."

Ali Reda 
Sales Manager

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What they're saying

"JAMES IS adept in helping people dig into what’s true for them about your key points and in seeing where they have blocks in their mindset, and as a result, have breakthroughs in their performance.

I find JAMES'S style and material very on point and HIS responses laser, always. Whether HE IS walking a group through one of HIS training programs or coaching a group on a specific topic for the day, I learn so much frOM HIS materials and HIS responses to other participants."

"to impact the world the way that I want to, I needed a mentor to hold space for that to happen. When you are ready to up your game, James Williams is the first person to call.
He is an incredible coach and mentor in high performance and purpose driven behavior. He is compassionate, excited and precise. The moment you say yes to working with James is the moment your game changes."

Kate MacKinnon

"Even in a group setting, James swiftly and efficiently understands where each individual is at – his messages land perfectly for each one of us regardless of where we are personally, sometimes stopping us in our tracks with ‘a-ha’ moments in abundance or some incredible nugget of wisdom that requires a much deeper reflection.

I would describe James’s style as ‘challenge with love’, he has a big heart and wants the best for each and every one of us."


"JAMES helped me create more focus, purpose, efficiency, and intention to what I am doing while increasing my self-awareness. In doing so, my results have been 10x with significantly less mental effort and energy expended. ."


"In the first 3 months, you helped me do the following:
* Quit smoking
* Improve important business relationship through positive influence Increase the results in my current business with less effort
* Planned the start of my new business and get my first client
* Increase my own self-awareness to control the energy I put out and attract as a result
* Being true to myself and my purpose allowed me to attract a new romantic relationship
 I am extremely thankful for our time together and would recommend you to anyone who is serious about leveling up in life!."

"Working with James has been transformative. His tough but sensitive approach has bought real results. He never accepts vague answers, gives great insights and is a great role model. I was very resistant to coaching before I met James so came to the process with a high degree of scepticism. After just 8 weeks I was seeing results - I highly recommend James to anyone looking for a truly high performance outcome."


Personal Performance

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I serve by coaching clients in online programs and courses

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For the past five years, I've worked with thousands of driven entrepreneurs in the leading coaching company I Heart My Life. I've been the resident Performance Breakthrough Coach supporting the clients (new entrepreneurs up to 7-figure business owners). We recognized the urgent need for business owners to level up alongside their businesses and committed to offering programs teaching holistic success.

I serve as a speaker and teacher 

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I serve audiences at live events by teaching on topics that most professionals consider afterthoughts -- but are essential to success and performance. These include energy,  clarity, psychological mastery, professional leadership and influence, decision making and more.

How I serve leaders

They say variety is the spice of life, and I have to agree! See below the ways in which we can collaborate or work together to change the world.

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I serve by bringing value to podcasts and shows

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As my wife says, I'm socially ambitious so any time I get the chance to hop on a podcast or show and share my story or provide value - I'm there. I love serving audiences that are craving the methodology I teach regarding having your next breakthrough and monumental psychological, physiological and physical result.


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